About us

  • Cornwall Wheels to Work is a Community interest Company.

  • We have been supporting people in Cornwall to reach employment since 2004. In that time period we have been able to assist over two thousand people.

  • If you are unable to take up employment because you have no reasonable access to public or private transport, we may be able to hire you a 125cc scooter.

Due to reduced funding we are unable to cover the whole of Cornwall, so please call or email first, to check if we cover the area you live in.



Do you qualify ?

  • You have no public or private transport to suit your needs

  • You need to be at least 17 years old. If you are under 18 you will need  a parent or guardian to sign as a guarantor (they will be liable for any late payments, and any damage to the scooter)

  • You must live in Cornwall

  • You must be in, or have a firm offer of employment

  • You must have clean full, or provisional licence and valid CBT certificate (licence must be registered to your current address)

  • You must have, or be willing to purchase safety equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves)

  •  You agree to pay for any damage you incur whilst the scooter is in your care.

  •  You will be responsible for the safety of the scooter and will carry out regular checks to the oil, lights and tyres, and report any problems promptly



Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

There is an initial charge of £144 to set up the contract and arrange insurance etc, and also two weeks rental in advance. Weekly rental charge is currently £40.

The rental cost includes insurance, road tax, MOT and servicing/safety checks (every 6 weeks).

How do I pay for my bike?

Payments are made in advance every week by standing order (this must be set up before we hand the scooter over).

Are there any other costs?

You will need to provide your own safety kit (helmet, jacket, gloves), if you do not have these then we have a stock of new motorcycle helmets, gloves and jackets for sale at our depot in Camborne.

You are also responsible for any accidental damage to the bike up to our insurance excess of £400.

How long can I have the bike for?

Our contracts run for 6 weeks, but if you are still struggling to find transport, it may be possible to renew the contract as long as you have met the payments and looked after the scooter.

What happens if my hire scooter breaks down or needs a repair?

We have a mobile workshop facility, which means we can come to you if you cannot get the scooter to our workshop. We will either repair it or swap it for another one.


We have a Zero Tolerance policy

The scooter will be removed if  there is money owing for the hire of the scooter

We will also remove the scooter if the hirer is abusive or violent