Why an Electric assisted bike?

Owning an electric assisted bike means you can really enjoy cycling – no more hard work getting up hills, No sweaty rides to work, arrive feeling fresh after your commute.

Get fitter, you can use pedal power if you wish, avoid traffic congestion, or just get out there and enjoy more freedom to explore at the weekend.

You’ll be surprised just how easy e-bikes are to ride!

More & more people want to take up a new and more convenient form of transport and have been considering taking to two wheels, but many are nervous or reluctant to get onto a traditional bicycle, often age and concerns over their fitness raises doubts, but riding an e-bike is really easy, you have a selection of assist modes to help get you up those hills or just back home or to your camp site after a long ride. E-bikes will help you keep up with cycling friends and continue enjoying your hobby following accident, poor health or the passing of the years.

Many are put off motorcycling by the cost & time taken to get a licence. Well Benelli e-bikes offer a great environmentally friendly and cost effective way to get about. No Licence – No road Tax – Cheap to run – environmentally friendly what more could you ask!